Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Evie on TV!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

For those of you out there who love the movie I was in (well, the one that was released), "Girls Will Be Girls," I have something exciting to tell you.

Jack Plotnick, who plays Evie, is going to be featured in a TV show tomorrow! (TV as in television, not TV as in transvestite)

He's going to be on "Supernatural" THIS THURSDAY, March 26th at 9pm on the CW! (First 20 minutes of the show)

It's his biggest role in a drama yet (with a SHOCKING surprise)! Episode titled "It's a Terrible Life".

That's Jack, on the left, ah, right!

Don't miss it!


Blogger Testing 123 said...


I heard some guy on a podcast today claiming to be your alter ego!! You should really have your lawyers look into that because he was totally insulting you and making you look bad!

He kept going on about how he was too old to be an ingenue like you and was going to start having to act differently and said he was going to cut you hair because you were too old to have long hair!!!!

I couldn't believe my ears! I wanted to call up the show and give him an earful but they didn't give a number.

Honey, I just wanted you to know that you are not starting to look too old, no matter what ANYONE says, even jerks claiming your fame!

I won't ask how old you actually are, because that's just plain rude, but I know you can't be more than thirty, truly! You've got lots of time before you need to go as short like that Evie, and you don't even smoke (cigarettes anyway...)so you got at least 10 years on her!

Anyway, whatever you do, please don't cut your hair, even if he says you should. We love your long flowing red tresses!!

PS: The guy was really really hot, but don't let that fool you out of filing that defamation lawsuit. He's a charmer, but remember that, theres a snake in there somewhere!!

March 25, 2009 at 7:06 PM  

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