Monday, December 1, 2008

Nobody's Secretary!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

"As long as I don't have to get your dry cleaning..."

Well, I can't believe it. Hillary Clinton accepted President Elect Obama's offer to be his secretary of state.

Why would Hillary agree to be anyone's secretary?
I think this sets the women's movement back at least thirty years. A woman as qualified as she is should not be taking dictation and getting someone's coffee, even if it is the President of the United States.

And speaking of coffee,
LaSwan (Lady Across the Street Without A Name) keeps telling me that Obama definitely has a little cream in his.

Poor Hillary. She even accepted the job and they didn't even tell her which state she'll be the secretary of! God! Is she that desperate for a job? What if they ship her off to North Dakota, or something. That would make the Republicans happy, that's for sure. She should be in Washington!

I thought we were going to see "change." Not a remake of "
Nine to Five."

Don't worry about me,


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