Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen!

After I did our Sunday performance of "Scrooge In Rouge!" in New Orleans, I jetted off early Monday to New York to film a little commercial/public service announcement for LOGO, the gay television channel! Watch for it in January! Then Tuesday morning, I jetted off to Los Angeles for a "meeting" (yes, I'm being mysterious!).

Well, guess who was on my flight! No, not Whitney Houston. Colton Ford! The ex-porn star/singer! He was holding hands with a very attractive younger man and they both were wearing muscle shirts that I assume they got at Benjamin Moore. I thought the wardrobe choice was a little odd, because it was 6 degrees that morning in NYC, but of course I didn't complain!

Things may have shifted during flight.

Thank God I was incognito, because I was in COACH! (just this time, I swear...) But, to my delight, so was he! Yeah! That made me feel really good. Maybe all of us international chanteuses are on a budget this year. But, I was afraid if he saw me taking a picture he might think I was interested and make me go into the lavatory and "do a scene" with him. And, we all know I am saving myself for that special person(s), like the Jonas Brothers.

I must say he is very handsome, but the best part was watching him make faces at a little baby. He seemed very sweet, even though memories of him "making love" kept popping into my mind! I know, I'm a dirrrty lady!

Well, I wish all of you the Merriest of Christmases, even the Jewish people.

Don't worry about me,


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