Saturday, December 6, 2008

My mind is on Georgia!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

First the Russians invaded Georgia, and now me!

Ricky Graham and me, uh, I. It's us.

Do you live in Atlanta? Do you know anyone in Atlanta, including those darling housewife ladies? Forward this invite to them, or to your friends! Heck! Send this one to your enemies, too!

I will be there, in Atlanta, at Blake's on the Park, on Wednesday night, December 10th, for a press event to announce my Georgian debut--the run of "SHUT UP! SWEET CHARLOTTE!" Come have cocktails and celebrate me!

I have never done a show in Atlanta, although I did "perform" at an intimate party at the Days Inn by the airport once on an overnight layover. Whatever happened to that sweet, furry AirTran steward? If you're out there, come to the party! And, bring more people!

Anyhoo, if you know people in the land of peaches, tell them to check the invite below and RSVP by emailing "" as soon as they can!

Don't be tardy for the party! BTW, does anyone know Ne-Ne? Get that gal on the guest list! (Hey, Ne-Ne! We can invite Sheree and then "forget" to put her name at the door! Tee-hee, Ne-Ne! Oui! Oui!)

Some of you with better things to do with your time may have no idea what all that was, back to the plot!

"Charlotte" is a hoot and a half! And, I have a "topless" scene. That's right! I'm pullin' out the big guns!

And, see? Reading my blog comes with benefits!

Don't worry about me,


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