Monday, December 22, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen!


Yesterday, LaSwan (Lady Across the Streeet Without A Name) and I went to see the movie "MILK." She told me we were seeing a biopic about Martin Luther King, "MLK" but I guess she didn't see the "I," because it had absolutely nothing to do with African-American civil rights or Dr. King.

MILK does a movie good.

I was thrilled because it turns out it was about the gays and gay rights! I loved it! However, LaSwan left right after Harvey Milk picked up a cute guy on a subway platform. She said she liked the gays but didn't want to do extensive research on them. I kept telling her that maybe Martin Luther King would show up later in the film, but he never did. LaSwan said he was killed years before Harvey Milk and stormed out of the theater. WITH MY POPCORN. And, at one point I almost left, too, because when I was using the bathroom (for the fourth time) someone in the ladies room "spoiled" the ending of "MILK" for me. Thanks a lot, lady! So for the rest of the movie I sat there and waited for a tragedy. And, what a miserable tragedy it was. Truly.

The movie was great. And Josh Brolin made me stick to my seat, even if he was the bad guy. At first I thought I was sitting on a piece of gum, but...

He likes "older" women? Am I "older?"

I hate movie spoilers! It was like when I saw "The Sixth Sense" years ago and when someone was leaving they shouted, "You mean Bruce Willis was dead for the whole movie?" How dare they! Oh, wait. That was me who shouted that, and then people started throwing popcorn and Hot Tamales at me.

Spoiler Alert. He's dead, baby.

So then I went to see "The Others" with Nicole Kidman (I didn't go with her, she was in the movie) and all day long I "acted" like I was leaving the movie and I would say really loudly "You mean they were dead the entire time?" And, guess what? Every time, an angry mob threw more popcorn and Hot Tamales at me! Mission Accomplished. I love acting!

She's dead, too, baby.

I really didn't know the whole story of Harvey Milk. I thank Gus (Mr. Van Sant, for you civilians) for a truly great film. I am so inspired by Harvey Milk's life and sincerely moved by his accomplishments. GO SEE THE MOVIE! And keep the movement alive.

Don't worry about me,


Blogger Geoff said...

Varla I found your blog through the strangest, oddest gay string ever...but when I found it I knew I could die happy. I have been in love w/you since "Girls Will Be Girls".....and then again when you were on Project Runway! That's coming from a gay man in Idaho, so it means alot! Merry Christmas to you! Geoff! (is there a Varla Fan club? cause I wanna join!!)

December 22, 2008 at 10:38 AM  

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